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Værstingen is an ultra-run in Hjartdal in the heart in of Telemark, Norway. Hjartdal is a beautiful place, and one of only 32 places in Norway given the title "Chosen culture landscape". This was given for many reasons, among other things because the people in Hjartdal are good at keeping old farming traditions alive, and thereby also gives red-listed plants and insect good conditions. The scientist says it is just as rich as the rain forest.

"Værstingen" translates to "the worst one" but can also be associated with being tough in a positive way. This is very true about this race: It is not only a demanding race; it has a social side. Much of what comes from sponsors goes back to charity; helping poor families with money / equipment so their children can participate in sports and cultural activities.

Værstingen is a unique and demanding race in many ways:

The first marathon is 247 rounds on a gravel road around a cowshed.

When this is done, you will take off into the wild, using a map you've been given only one hour before the race starts. You will mainly follow tracks and gravel roads. To get the grey t-shirt you need to complete 1 marathon around the cowshed and 2 marathons in the terrain. To earn the black t-shirt, you need to complete 1 + 4 marathons.

For more information and rules look further down. (The headlines refer to the headlines/ sides in Norwegian at this website)

History - Historie

Our short history. The pioneer edition was in 2018. These are the pioneers at the very first Værstingen. Includes photos from the first edition.

The hall of fame - Heskleg-veggen

The people that have completed 3 or more marathons at Værstingen.


Address: Holmsvegen 220, 3690 Hjartdal, Norway.

The first marathon goes around a cowshed 247 times, changing direction every 20 minutes. "The social part of the event". This is also the arena, and you will start and finish here. Toilets are available, and you will get some drinks and food. You can also be supported from your crew here, which is not allowed any where else. The race will take you to a cabin with our crew. There you can warm yourself and get some support from them. Otherwise you are on your own and are in the hands and mercy of the track, nature and your fellow participate. You can help and get help from other participates. You are in fact obligated to do so if necessary.

The track is a secret until 09.00, one hour before the race starts at 10.00. You will need to use the map you get, because the track is not marked. It is not allowed to use gps (but it is on the list of mandatory equipment), so you must know how to use map and compass. This is back to basics. (But to ease your mind; we will not make many "traps" for you, we want you to find the track.) It is not very flat in Hjartdal, and you will have around 2000 meters up and down on each terrain loop.

Cut off times: You must finish 3 marathons in less then 21 hours to be allowed to start number 4, finish 4 in less then 28 hours to start number 5, and after 35 hours the race ends and you must be at the finish line to earn black t-shirt and the right to call yourself a real "Værsting". -This also means that you actually have 35 hours to finish 3 and earn the grey.

Price money: Thanks to sponsors we have some money to give away. The first half will be divided in two between the local sport club (Hjartdal IL) and our good purpose/ charity. The rest will be divided equally between Hjartdal IL, charity and everybody that completes 5 marathons. You are off course allowed to donate your price money, but that is your all your choice.

Signing up: Værstingen has a limit on 25 participants, due to logistics and safety reasons. Signing up until 31.05. costs 650 NOK. It will cost you 800 NOK 01.06.-31.07. You pay to 2699 07 03336. (IBAN NO8026990703336 , SWIFT: HJARN021) No money back. You must read and accept our rules and the mandatory equipment list to be allowed to run at Værstingen. To sign up or contact us, use the "Kontakt / Påmelding" button, or send an email to oj.flatland@gmail.com.

Rules - Regler:

I understand there are some risks running Værstingen. I understand that wind and weather can and will change during the race, and that I must be able to take care of myself. I understand I can get injured or get lost. Gps and telephone shall be used if I get realy lost, but I also know that it is not possible to use telephone at some parts of the track (no signal). I am responsible for my own health and safety, and can not hold the organizer responsible, economic, legally or in any other way.

If I see somebody that is injured or needing help for other reasons, I am obliged to help them in any way I can.

I have the skills to navigate by using map and compass. I also know how to use the gps if necessary.

I have good health and are fit to join this race.

I agree that health staff can examine me and are allowed to treat me if necessary.

I understand that health staff and organizer can stop me from further running if they find it necessary. The same if I don't make the cut off times.

I have read and understood the mandatory list and know that I must have this with me every loop in the terrain.

I know that Værstingen is a mainly self-supported. This means that I can only get support at the start area. (And a little bit at the organizers cabin in the terrain) I can help and get help from other participates.

I am at least 18 years old when the race starts.

I accept that the organizer may take photos and use them. (If I have a problem with that, I will let them know in writing before the race.)

I understand that I`m not allowed to throw litter, clothes or equipment anywhere in the loop. It is possible to leave. (You may leave some at the cabin, but it will then stay there till the end of the race.)

I understand that Værstingen is supposed to be a tough but good experience for everybody. This goes for you, the other participates and the volunteers. The volunteers give you their time for free, hoping that they will give you a race to remember. Feel free to give them a smile.

I also understand that it is not a human right to finish Værstingen, and that I must do at least 3 marathons within 35 hours to earn the grey t-shirt, and that I must complete all 5 marathons within 35 hours to earn the black t-shirt.

Mandatory equipment - Obligatorisk utstyr:

(In backpack or on body)


Map (will be given to you).

Gps (with extra battery) Turned off. Only to be used if necessary, will add 1 extra hour to your running time.

Mobil telephone. Turned off / flight mode, fully charged.

Head light with enough battery.

Some thing to drink (you can drink water in the terrain).

Food and drink, enough.

Water / wind proof jacket.

Wool underwear uppers.

Reflecting west, or similar. (Easier to find you if you are lost, and for safety along roads)

Sports tape.

List with pick-up points and information given to you by the organizer (sent by mail or given to you at the start area)

Might be useful to have:

Map folder, bag to collect book sheets, elementary first aid kit, water / wind proof trousers, cap, scarf, gloves, extra socks (optionally neoprene). Necessary clothing and equipment depending on weather conditions. - Use your senses.